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A bedside story

A bedside story

Having been surrounded by the sea all of my life, I was driven to love it, relish it, play with it and even find serenity in it. It is my familiar surroundings.

When embraced by the sea water, my senses ease down, become disoriented , thus, giving me the opportunity to concentrate.

Wishing to bring a certain period of my life to an end, I felt the need to take a deep dive into my familiar surroundings, the sea. This time, however, I wanted to approach it differently. 

Therefore,the camera became the gate and ,respectively,the water the means to enter a different world, a different universe ,in which I wandered around for more than two years. During this time, I floated, sank, explored, got scared , dreamt and finally reconciled. 

The feeling left is the mixed of the real world with my imaginary one. A bedside story…